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3 Simple Ways To Strengthen Damaged Hair

Our hair endures a lot of damage each day, from heated styling, tight updos and hair dye. Luckily, there are a few very simple things you can do in order to strengthen your hair and prevent damage! From taking magnesium tablets to changing up your hairstyles, you should notice a great improvement in the health of your hair. 

     1. Let It Dry Naturally 

When you dry your hair using heat, for example a hair dryer, it can seriously dehydrate the hair which makes it far more brittle. So, leaving your hair to air dry is much better for it, as it will help to retain moisture. When you have washed your hair, rather than tying it up in a towel, very gently rub it with your towel and brush it gently, before leaving it to dry. 

We are aware that this isn’t always possible and sometimes we do need to dry our hair using heat. So, apply a good amount of heat protectant spray and dry your hair using a cool-medium heat setting. After drying, apply a serum to help lock in some additional moisture! 

     2. Avoid Tight Updos

Tying your hair tightly might look great, however it can actually damage your hair. A tight ponytail or bun can put strain on your roots which can cause breakage and it could also prevent healthy growth. Particular types of hair ties can also cause damage, particularly elastic ones. If you wear your hair in a similar style for a long time, it can gradually start to thin the hair in that area and could cause permanent damage. 

So, if you do need to tie your hair up, use gentle ties to reduce damage to your hair. Also, let your hair down whenever you can in order to give it a much needed break. 

     3. Change Your Diet

Another way you can help your hair health is from the inside out. Making a few small changes to your diet can have a positive impact on your hair. You should aim to eat a wide variety of different foods in order to access the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to look fantastic. 

Magnesium tablets and vitamin D3 supplements are fantastic for promoting follicle hair growth, biotin can help to make your hair look shiny and vitamin A is important for growth. You can access these vitamins through a balanced diet, although supplements are a good option for people who struggle to keep on top of their vitamin intake! 

Final Thoughts

Keeping our hair healthy is really quite simple, so just try to follow these three simple steps and you should begin to notice positive changes in the health and appearance of your hair.