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Valuable Employee Benefits That All Businesses Should Include 

Optional Employee Benefits - Business Benefits Group

If you are looking for employee benefits to include within your business structure, listen up. Employee benefits have a substantial impact on how many qualified candidates apply to the job roles you are offering. Whilst emphasising qualifications, the best type of employees will understand the value of their time which can be traded with not only a healthy wage but additional work perks that support their career and quality of life.

Valuable employees would also include people who have not only been at the company for a long time, but employees that can honestly say they are happy within the role they are operating in as well as the company they work for.

Of course, including benefits will come at a cost in the short-term and will take away from your profits, but the key is to have the long-term in mind with savings on recruitment processes and employing multiple people for one role a single skilled employee could complete. No matter if you are a construction business looking for skilled labourers, or a cosmetic dental clinic looking for experienced dental nurses, additional benefits will get the most qualified employees into your business.

If you are looking for the most important employee benefits you should be included in your business, take a look at our suggestions:

Flexible Working

First of all, we have flexible working. Flexible working is one of the most important factors for employees as of the coronavirus pandemic which leads millions to work from home. Employees have now found the benefits that come with working from home, as well as a sense of empowerment due to their employers trusting them to do a great job without being micromanaged in the office. If anything, flexible working is more of an essential than a work perk, therefore if you are advertising for a highly skilled role, it should be given as an option.

Gym Memberships

Additionally, gym memberships are one of the most popular employee benefits that people are keeping an eye out for when applying for a role. With so much importance on health today, it is in the best interest of both employers and employees to have a regular exercising routine. This may also reduce the risk of employees having sick days, and also keep them feeling energised without getting sluggish through their working day. Also, with the cost of gym memberships rising, employers appreciate when an organisation can pay for their memberships as a benefit of the role.

Dental Care

Furthermore, dental care has risen in importance for employees when looking for the ideal role for them. Dental costs are rising, and having the benefits of a dental care plan ready for any unexpected emergencies is a valuable employee benefit. Your business might join a dental scheme that allows for a pot of money to accumulate with monthly inputs, which would pay for treatments such as fillings, or even full dental implants.

Extra Time Off

Finally, one of the favourites for employees who are working to live, and not living to work is the opportunity to get more time off work. In an ideal world for all businesses, every single employee would be dedicated to spending their time at work and perfecting their craft, but this is not the reality. As we look at productivity levels in businesses that have implemented 4-day working weeks, there seems to be a boost in productivity within the time they work. Allowing staff to earn extra holidays, or potentially buy extra holidays is a good addition to have within your benefit structure.

Bottom Line

Overall, businesses need to understand that employees need more incentives than just giving them a healthy wage. Businesses should consider permanent and seasonal incentives for employees to keep things productive and boost the overall morale of the company. Surprise incentives give employees something to work an extra 10% harder for, and this 10% from 10 employees will result in a 100% increase in productivity for your business.