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Tips for living a healthy lifestyle

We all know the drill: you’ve been working a lot lately, so you’re stressed, and you’ve been ordering more and more take-out food each week. You’ve gained a little weight, not to mention the glasses of wine or beer you drink every weekend to celebrate the end of another working week. It’s getting darker and colder outside, so you’d rather stay at home on the couch than go out to the gym. In short: you haven’t been feeling very fit lately. Read on for some small changes you can make to get your health back on track.

Get healthy by walking

So maybe a full two hour workout session at the gym seems a little much right now. That’s okay, you can just start slow. For instance, leave the car when going to the shops and go on foot instead. Do you have a dog? Add an extra walk to your daily routine. Just 30 minutes daily of low intensity exercise like walking can make a big impact in your health and fitness. If you find it difficult to go out in all weather, like rain or cold, you can also try adding a little yoga to your morning routine. Start with easy excersises and see how you grow.

Make small changes in your diet

You do not have to go on a restrictive diet to get yourself back on track. You can even still have snacks. Just be mindful of what you are eating. Do you usually eat a lot of pre-packaged food? These types of food can contain way too much salt or sugar. Try going for a fresh alternative instead. Alternatives are key. Are you someone that can eat an entire bag of crisps in one sitting? Try switching them out for salty nuts. Or maybe you’re a chocolate lover? Try a darker version of your favourite chocolate for a slightly healthier option.

Monitor your progress with a body composition scale

Getting healthy is not just about losing weight. People can be underweight and still be unhealthy, and vice versa. It does however help to monitor your body with a tanita scale. These digital scales can tell you more about your body than just your weight. A body composition scale for instance analyzes your entire body. It can tell you your body fat percentage, body water, muscle mass, basal metabolism and your Body Mass Index (BMI), amongst other things. This will give you a much clearer idea of the state of your body and health than a regular scale.