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Natural Ways To Help Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Sadly, there is no magic cure to give us long, luscious hair overnight. However, there are plenty of things that you can incorporate into your routine that will help your hair to naturally grow and become stronger!

Avoid High Ponytails

As amazing as a high ponytail might look, they can be very damaging for your hair. When ponytails are tied really tightly, it can cause stress and damage. In the worst cases, it can even cause people to bald slightly in that area. 

If you do need to or like to wear a high ponytail regularly, try to switch between them and loose lower styles, or having your hair completely down. This will give your hair a much needed break. You could also invest in no damage elastics which will help to minimise any harm to your hair. 

Increase Magnesium Intake

Being deficient in magnesium can be damaging for the hair. Magnesium plays an important role as it can help to promote follicle hair growth, as well as preventing calcium build up which can make the scalp dry and flaky. So, incorporating magnesium into your daily routine is key for healthy hair!

Adult men should be consuming 400-420mg a day, and ladies 310-320 a day. You can access magnesium in green vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholegrains. Magnesium supplements are also a great option if you find it difficult to track your nutrient consumption, or if you simply don’t have time to. 

Don’t Twist Your Hair Into Towel

When your hair is wet, it is much weaker, so it can easily break. So, when you come out of the shower and rub it hard with a towel, then flip your head and twist your hair into the towel, you are putting a lot of stress onto it. This can leave you with damaged hair!

So, when you come out of the shower, scrunch it very gently with your towel to remove some of the excess water and then give it a really soft brush to prevent any damage. If you can, leave it to air dry, or apply plenty of heat protectant spray and dry it on a low heat. 

Invest In Avocado Oil

Usually, when you apply any oil to your hair, it can’t actually penetrate into the hair shaft, meaning it isn’t doing much at all. Yet, avocado oil is one of the rare exceptions that can, and it will help to deeply moisturize the hair. The fats in the oil can help to strengthen the hair and prevent it breaking, making it much healthier overall. 

After you have washed your hair and it is still damp, start by working a few drops of oil into the ends of your hair. Then, with the residue left on your hands, start to work it into the rest of your hair and scalp. This will stop it becoming too oily around the roots which are naturally more prone to grease. You should only wash your hair around twice a week, so the oil is fine to use each time you wash your hair. 

Spend Time In The Sun 

Going out into the sun and accessing vitamin D is fantastic for the hair as it stimulates the growth of new hair follicles. Without enough vitamin D, growth can be stunted, so getting enough is important. 

If you live somewhere without much sunshine, or you want to maintain intake over the winter months, vitamin D tablets are a great alternative. When you are out in the sun, make sure you protect your skin with plenty of SPF. 

Final Thoughts

Although we don’t have a magic cure, these small changes can make a big difference to the health of your hair!