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The present research aimed to offer the definition, elements and indicators of non secular health from experts’ perspective. The promotion of health can be affected by the differences within the definition of health.

Accordingly, one participant mentioned, “If you want to outline religious health in medical literature, it is fairly different from spirituality within the sense of value-judgment”. One of the interviewees acknowledged, “The second indicator of non secular health is rationality in personal and social behaviors”. 4) Individuals’ feelings a couple of supreme power, themselves and others; having constructive emotions; balance; peace; feeling vitality and empowerment, hope and satisfaction; and lowered unpleasant emotions corresponding to unhappiness, anxiety and anger.

One of the interviewees stated, “I think an important parameter of spiritual health is to have constructive emotions about spiritual matters”. “Those parts of health that are not bodily, psychological or social can be positioned within the context of religious health”.

1) Believing in the meaning and spirituality, and absence of non secular ailments similar to hopelessness and lack of affection, happiness, forgiveness and customary sense experiences in a single’s interactions with others. One participant stated, “The minimal level of religious health implies that an individual doesn’t endure from spiritual illnesses and has embraced spirituality”.

In this regard, one of many participants mentioned, “Spiritual health means to maneuver towards God”. Scientists and researchers have examined non secular health from totally different angles and proposed numerous definitions, but a comprehensive definition doesn’t exist for the term as of now.