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Dog Potty Training

Learning all about puppy training to teach them to go potty at the right place and time is among the most crucial initial steps you could take for a happy life together with your pet. House soiling is one of the top reasons why dogs usually end up in shelters. Not too many pet owners are willing to deal with a dog who ruins flooring and rugs or who leaves a nasty mess that you’d have to clean after a tiring day at work.

This is why it is so significant to ensure that you research in advance on how to potty train a dog, understand what would work best for your situation, and build a plan from there.

If you are using a crate training your dog, follow these tips to make sure that they do not suffer from stress or relieve themselves in their crate. These tips would likewise help your dog know what you are aiming for–for them to relieve themselves outside–and that they would stick to it.

Never incarcerate your dog in their crate longer than they could hold it. If they are forced to go in their crate because you did not let them out in time, you have just made potty training a lot harder.

Dogs acquire a preference for eliminating in the same locations. Help make it easier and pick, from the start, the spot where you would want them to eliminate.

Give them praise when they do it right. Ensure praise and treats come right after they finish relieving themselves. You’d want to make it clear that going potty outside is a good thing.

Do not punish or reprimand your dog for accidents if you have not caught them in the act of eliminating. Clean up thoroughly, so they are not drawn to the same spot by the odor of residual urine or poop. If you catch your pup having an accident, disturb them midstream with a clap or shout, then hustle them out to finish their business. Praise them when they are done, so they understand that eliminating outside is not just allowed; it is praised and rewarded.