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Discover the best secrets of the Spanish beauty routine

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Cultivate our hobbies, learn a new language, take more care of ourselves, etc. The beauty routine is one of those activities that today we have turned into a daily gesture. And, according to a study conducted by Toluna, 60% of Spanish women spend between 10 and 30 minutes of their day taking care of themselves. And no wonder, because 58% of women consider it a personal pleasure.

The beauty routine of the Spaniards

How do we remove makeup? How long does it take to clean our faces? Are we doing well? What are our favorite products? Do we like to receive extra treatment to look radiant? These are some of the questions on among Spanish women. It is very interesting if they differ from women in the rest of the world.

Discs, the essential basis for Spanish women

26% of women combine cotton with micellar water, 18% with cleansing milk and 11% combine it with tonic; compared to those who clean their face only with cleansing wipes (17%), water (13%), and other products (15%).

In addition, many products are found and purchased by Spanish women on the shampora. The main reason for facial cleansing of Spanish women is to remove all the dirt that accumulates on our face during the day, followed by removing makeup, removing impurities such as pimples, blackheads, and blemishes, feeling fresh skin, moisturizing the skin, and because it is pleasant and relaxing. For us, it’s one of the best times of the day, isn’t it?

How Spanish women put on make-up

From the actress Penelope Cruz to the princess Letizia Ortiz, to the model In é s Sastre, the Spanish canon of beauty seems to correspond to a classic, refined and natural look, played on the radiance of the skin and the depth of the look.

Given the hot and sunny climate, many women, do not seem to want to give up tanning or the effect of skin kissing on the sun throughout the year and it is very common both to use sunscreen and to consume sunscreen. earth and blush designed to enhance and beautify the skin.

A recent study focusing on the relationship between woman and beauty also showed that the attitude of young Spaniards towards makeup is essential to look for a more elegant, natural, and flawless look, able to mask the main flaws and increase strengths.

Older women try to ensure a healthy and youthful appearance by preferring more skincare products, suitable to hide some more missiles. The young girls seem to show great interest in the makeup base, especially for BB cream, bronzers, and eyeliner inevitably, with the advancement in favor of mascara and lipstick.

A curiosity revealed by the research showed that in Spain the most popular must-have cosmetics are lipstick, especially red, and eyeliner, lip gloss, and mascara. Just think that 48% of Spanish women use lipstick at least once a day, while 45% use eyeliner. 

Therefore, in Spain, based on the age a, lipstick and eyeliner for the primate: the former seems to be much loved by those over 35, while the latter is especially appreciated by girls under 25, so as it happens in our country. Among the most popular colors of lipstick, pink, brown, and red are among the first choices, while black pencil remains the most used.