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Am I fertile enough?

Many people are not sure if they are fertile, and this can be due to several things. Are you trying to get pregnant with your partner? And just don’t want to succeed? Then chances are that one of you is infertile. For example, a woman can be completely infertile and this can also be the case with a man. Men can almost never be 100% infertile, but they can be less fertile. For many men, this is a big problem and can cause a lot of stress. Still, it is possible to find out how it actually is. After all, you can have it tested and in this way found out how fertile you are. For many men, this is very nice to finally get clarity this way. With a sperm test at home by, this is possible, but how does it work? In this article, we tell you all about it, so you can find out more.

How does a sperm test work?

Do you want to know how fertile you are as a man? Then it is first important to know that you can never be completely infertile. In fact, you can be less fertile, but only after sterilisation are you completely infertile. With a sperm test at home, you can check how many active sperm cells there are. Some men have more active sperm cells than others, and this also means you are more fertile. With the sperm test, it is possible to get more clarity on this. This way, you can see how many active sperm cells there are and how fertile you are. The packaging of a sperm test often includes instructions on exactly how to use it. The at home male fertility test is a test whose results you get within a few working days. This is of course very convenient if you want more clarity quickly.

Ordering online

Would you like to have a sperm test at home? Would you like to know exactly how fertile you are? Then it is very important to order the right sperm test online. We recommend searching for an at home male fertility test. There are often several providers offering it and you should compare them carefully. Only in this way it is possible to find a good sperm test that actually works. Order the sperm test you need and have it delivered to your home.