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3 Dental Careers You Should Know

Here's How Much Money Dentists Make In Every State

If you’re interested in dental health, why not choose it as a career. Then, you can make money helping people with their smiles. Here are a few dental careers you should know and why you may want to choose them.

1. Dentist

The most obvious path to choose is to be a dentist. You will go to dental school, so it does take time, but you can make a good income after graduation. As a dentist, you will examine teeth, and you may perform certain procedures, such as filling cavities.

Be sure you’re comfortable working with teeth and in a medical setting. That way, you can be a successful dentist.

2. Hygienist

If you don’t want to go to school for too long, become a dental hygienist. You’ll need a couple of years of training, and you’ll have to work with tools such as a dental handpiece back cap. But you don’t need as much schooling as a dentist.

You may not make as much money as a dentist, but you can work sooner. And sometimes, that’s worth a bit of a pay cut.

3. Orthodontist

If you want to focus on helping people with braces, become an orthodontist. You won’t have to deal with regular dental care, so you can focus on a certain type of patient. Maybe you want to help teens with braces, or you want to offer braces to adults.

Either way, you can focus on one aspect of dentistry. You’ll need to go through a lot of training, but you can make a decent salary after the fact.

Working in the dental field isn’t for everyone. But there are a few careers out there that you should compare and contrast. You never know if you might find a fulfilling job within this field that meets your financial and lifestyle needs.